Why North Bangalore Is Best to Invest In Plots

Why North Bangalore Is Best to Invest In Plots

Bangalore is facing land reclamation and is one of the most popular destinations for home explorers. why north Bangalore is best to invest in plots because More than 60% of biotech companies in India are based in urban areas. North Bangalore is the fastest-growing metropolitan area with its IT developments, with investment in Bangalore growing 5.4 times from $ 1.3 billion in 2016 to $ 7.2s billion in 2020. The area is also it is well connected with other parts of Bangalore in various ways.

Bangalore’s growing development in the region is expected to further increase market demand for residential and commercial housing in the coming years. With major projects such as Bangalore Aerospace SEZ, Bellary Road Expansion, India Nano Park in the first place, etc., the price of the region only increases and becomes a more affordable destination. This is the reason why north Bangalore is best to invest in plots.

Hebbal, Devanahalli, Yelahanka, and Hennur Road are the most luxurious areas in North Bangalore that cater to the needs of the clients. This area has everything from inexpensive houses to expensive 2, 3, and 4-room houses and apartments.

Highways, underpasses, inverted roads connecting the Outer Beltway, NH-7, Peripheral Beltway, and local buses are the main options for slow and easy travel in any region. Technopark Manyata is the largest IT technopark in this band. Read Below Why North Bangalore is the best to invest in plots.

Top social infrastructure

The region has an international agenda and great opportunities for growth and expansion. The neighborhood is very friendly, with high schools, the best hospitals, shops, and much more in the immediate area. The presence of top IT companies and major regional campaigns attracts a lot of attention and investment.

Life conveniences and connections

North Bangalore is home to the best living amenities in the city. There are many reputable schools, colleges, restaurants, malls, post offices, international airports, etc. located within easy reach of North Bangalore. The region is well connected to the rest of Bangalore by an extensive network of roads and railways. There is no shortage of those who want to enjoy all the comforts of modern life.

Exceptional growth and jobs

Investment in infrastructure and real estate has made Northern Bangalore a favorite with investors and home seekers. It is one of the fastest-growing cities in the world with an average economic growth of 8.5%. It is expected to continue with unique growth in the coming years as well as new business opportunities and a growing number of job opportunities. With the growth of the growing IT industry, employment growth has increased the number of home buyers in Northern Bangalore.

Different cultures and ethnicities

With over 100 languages ​​spoken throughout the country, Karnataka is home to a wide variety of communities. North Bengal symbolizes coexistence, living in harmony with people from different parts of the country. North Bangalore, home to some of the best restaurants, is poised to witness unprecedented growth and will be a popular business destination to take advantage of this opportunity.

Residential and commercial building

North Bangalore offers a wide range of residential and commercial properties to suit every budget and need. The area offers a unique location and connections while providing excellent growth opportunities. Whether you are looking for a spacious villa, an affordable home, or a beautiful office, North Bangalore has something for everyone. These are the main reason that’s why north Bangalore is best to invest in plots.

Basic Benefits of buying plots in the North Bangalore

Greater flexibility

Buy land and build a home with your vision, You are limited to giving vision if you buy a home but by buying a plot you are free to give your designs and you have many options for customizations according to your home needs. If you want to buy a piece of land, we offer multiple plot for sale options in Devanahalli, Bangalore. Contact us for more details.

The initial investment to buy land is quite small and affordable

Accessibility references may vary for different parcel dealers. But with us, you get the most affordable deals on the best plots in the growing areas of North Bangalore. Plot prices allow even young professionals to have the chance to secure their lives from an early age.

Pay lower property tax

It is a recurring expense that owners are responsible for paying. It doesn’t matter if you own land or a house; property tax is for each house or land owner.


If you are planning to invest in real estate in North Bangalore, rely on Bsnl Housing Society to provide you with the best deals and trading in the best location. We have an extensive network and a deep understanding of market dynamics. We have a wide selection of properties and the breadth of the area. From commercial buildings to apartment buildings for sale in North Bangalore.


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