Best Hanging Plants for Your Home

Best Hanging Plants for Your Home

There is something nice about decorating your home with hanging plants, it can brighten up your home in minutes. If you want to bring nature into your home, we have compiled a list of the best hanging plants for your home looks beautiful.

Read Below Best Indoor Hanging Plants for Home:


This type of plant is quite simple. Frequent watering, beneficial air circulation, and bright filtered light are very important aspects of their well-being. These are also known as air plants, there are nearly 500 different varieties of this flowering perennial, offering a wide range of exotic shapes and vibrant colors. Thanks to the minimal root system of the air plant, you can display them in a wonderful range of supports, from traditional pots to macrame hangers.

Arrowhead plant

Arrowhead plants go by various names, including Syngonium and Nephthytis, a houseplant that is best for low light. Young arrowhead plants are bushy and usually quite full, making them attractive houseplant choices for coffee tables, side tables, and other surfaces. As the plants grow and mature, they develop a climbing habit, making them fun to grow trellises or other structures.

Boston ferns

Boston ferns will grow as large as the pot will allow. Many Boston ferns are sold as hanging baskets in plastic pots, and it’s fine to leave them that way if you like. If you want to plant your Boston fern in a different container, choose plastic or glazed terracotta. These types of pots take a long time to dry, which makes it easier to care for the plants.

Golden Pothos

Golden Pothos is one of the best-selling plants in the world, and for good reason, You can display beautiful plants in a hanging basket or they will look great on shelves. Pothos refines the toxins in the air and purifies the air. Moreover, its golden-yellow leaves also add a splash of color to your home interiors. So, place a Golden Pothos plant in your bedroom and improve your sleep quality every day!

Ivy plant

This Ivy Plant can grow anywhere – in parks and around office buildings, in front yards, and all over college campuses. And while ivy plantsĀ  looks beautiful filling in landscaping or climbing an exterior wall. Simply place it in a hanging basket and let the leaves fall loosely for an elegant look.

Pitcher Plant

We all know that pitcher plants are carnivorous because they don’t get adequate nutrition from their native soil. Clean water along with moist soil is the most important requirement of these plants, You can keep these plants inside your kitchen or living room to get rid of unwanted insects and enhance the beauty of your home.

These are the best hanging plants for your home you can learn more tips for hanging and styling techniques so read below.

Hanging Tips with Pots

Place hanging plants in the house on the steps of the ladder, or on the windows of your house, or you can place them on the furniture or other objects. Best hanging plants for your home with the best hanging tips and stylish techniques. Ivy plants will be the best choice if you want to make a beautiful plant for your living room. Also, you may want more airy, low-maintenance plants if you don’t have a lot of free time on your hands. Apart from that, you can also check out many good containers and hanging ways to give your home a special look. And with the help of the Bsnl Housing Society, you can buy Bhishma Greens plots and other best options.

Type of Pots: You can use clay-based pots for plants that can withstand overwatering. On the other hand, ceramic pots are good for plants that require a humid climate.

Shape of Pots: While wide containers allow the plant to spread its roots horizontally, tall, thin containers give plants a vertical orientation.

How to Position the Plants

It would be best to hang long plants in a higher position to ensure that their vines and leaves are spread over the floor. Plus, you can keep small plants lower (or on the ground) for a compact and cozy look.

Styling Techniques

Hanging Terrarium: Keep air plants in an attractive terrarium to give them a personalized habitat. Also, make sure the plants get enough air circulation inside the hanging terrarium.

Modern Jungalow Style: To get this style right, you need to hang the plants next to the furniture. Then use exposed pipes so the ivy can climb up. Finally, a modern forest-like design will be created.

Plant Hangers: Use a jute plant hanger to give your plant container a twisted look. Moreover, you could tie the knots of the hanger well, so that it does not fall from the ceiling.

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