Which is better flat or plot

Which is better flat or plot

We all struggle to decide whether to buy land or rental property while hiring real estate agents. So there are pros and cons to choosing anyone. When it comes to real estate, many people do not understand the value of these two options. First -time owners want to buy a rental home, Bsnl Housing Society is here to help you.

Now check below Which is better flat or plot but when it comes to investing in a second estate they argue whether to buy a plot of land and build a villa or house on it or keep it in another building. There are many advantages as well as disadvantages to these types of investments, but for investment purpose, investment on land always score as compared to buying a flat, This is a comparative study of plot vs flat, So let’s take a look.

Better Construction  

The construction of rental properties is usually managed by real estate companies and their builders and the buyer always has to go into a pre-built home when the home is available. When you buy an apartment, you have very little to say about how to build it. You can’t change the look and size of the flat and you have to follow the best plan as planned by your builder.

Or we can say Flexibility in building the dream house, there is always an agreement between the design or structure and the budget or location in the flat, A good quality rental home will be more expensive because of the cost of construction for the unbuilt area and the size of the land being built. However, on land, you can choose designs according to your budget. Even if you cannot afford to build an expensive house now, you still have the opportunity to build one in the future, if the land is sufficient.

Construction Price

When you invest in a land or flat, you need to consider the cost of building. The cost of buildings or apartments depends upon the area where you buy and the builder’s brand in the area. In the apartment, it affects the cost of construction which include the service provided by the builder and flat size. Where in investment on plot or land construction  Price depend upon the size of the land, area demand, space of the area, and the most important thing in which area you purchased the land. Now You can clear your doubt about which is better flat or plot.

Buying appreciation

One other factor to point to when you invest or buy a flat or land is, Generally, a Flat lifetime is very limited, therefore its value decreases over time. The first few year’s flat values may be appreciated after that it requires repairs, need some construction, and remodeling, In addition, the cost is reduced because you cannot change or expand rental properties over time. On the other hand, when you buy a plot, it is becoming more difficult to find access to land, especially in large cities, so an immediate appreciation of land prices is expected. You can also repair and rebuild whenever you want. So the level of gratitude is even higher in the plot.

Risk Factor

For the rental properties, one of the common problems is that the developer always compromises the quality of the construction to earn and one more reason is the deadline to construct the flat, But on land, you can control the construction on your property like the quality of the raw material or you can construct according to your pocket. Plots don’t have construction approval the customer should see only the name and instructions from each authority.


When you are considering investing in a property or a rental property, you need to pay attention to the availability of financing. Most builders have links to banks and real estate companies, which make it easy for the buyer to find a home loan. However, the process of obtaining a loan is quite complicated and in many cases, the lenders do not receive any money for the purchase of land.

As you can see, there is no right answer to the question of land or apartment, which is more money. They all have their own set of pros and cons. Therefore, the buyer has to make a choice based on his / her needs when investing in real estate.


In privacy terms which is better flat or plot, Where apartment blocks, landlords do not have to share space with others. They enjoy complete privacy while living in a community. Bsnl Housing Society is also here to help you with all the pros and cons With the help of this you will get to know Which is better flat or plot

Rules and Responsibilities

In apartments you face lots of rules which you have to follow according to them, with lots of responsibility time to time even if you talk about parking all face difficulty to park a car on that building doesn’t matter you have your own house all are equal whether it’s a tenant or owner. But if you buy land you can make your small parking.

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