Vastu tips for buying a plot

Vastu Tips for buying a plot

When it comes to buying land we cannot deny the role of the Vastu, After all, everyone wants peace and harmony in our lives and Vastu hopes to help us achieve that. Know the importance of Vastu tips for buying a plot.

With your investment in Vastu-maintained properties, you may bring prosperity, wealth, and health into your life. In addition, for commercial properties, there are also signs of business growth.

Direction Of the Plot

Direction is the first factor we consider when we choose a residential property, According to Vastu Sastra, a north-facing land is auspicious, quiet, and harmonious for its inhabitants. On the other hand, another Vastu allows options that you can think of as an east or west-facing plot.

According to Vastu a south-facing plot is not recommended and should be avoided. Apart from the land, it is also not approved to have water in the southwest because you think it will bring misery. So, avoid that.

The shape of the Plot

Before buying a piece of land, think about what it looks like in Vastu. If you have a square plot of land, it is considered best. For another best option, you can opt for a square plot.

Vastu says that a round shape, T shape, or L shape property is considered the best, so it is best to avoid such properties. If you still want to own such land, you can use a Vastu fence to create a Vastu keeper in the field.

Surface Level of the Land

With Vastu’s diverse offerings for real estate buyers, an important factor is a demand for flats for residential properties. That’s why you say it brings harmony and peace to the residents. However, if your land has a slight ridge in the Northeast or Southwest, don’t worry because it’s a good sign.

Avoid buying land in the West as it can lead to serious health problems. Also, don’t go for a conspiracy with a valley of despair because you believe it brings success.

Soil Color

Vastu tips for buying a plot is a very important part while buying a plot and in its factors soil color is also very important. Next on the list of things about Vastu are the colors of the land. For residential land, yellow soil is considered desirable and desirable. As with other options, you can choose between red soil or white soil.

Surrounding Areas

Before buying real estate in Bangalore, check if the place and its surroundings comply with Vastu. If you have a choice, always opt for a field that has a lot of green space because it matches the build and size. In addition, it is very useful if there is a nearby river that flows to the northeast. Don’t buy land between two large properties. Vastu says it is believed to bring misery and poverty. Also, don’t buy land near a cemetery or hospital because it will attract disaster.

Obstructions Around the Plot

This is another important factor from the different Vastu perspectives for buying a plot of land to consider: land crashes. If you can find a vacant lot on the North or Northeast side of the property, that’s a good sign. For this type of commercial building, roads on all four sides are strongly influenced by Vastu shastra.

Vastu says you should avoid plans to cut in the northeast because they look like headless bodies that attract destruction.

Retraction or cuts in the plot

Any retraction or cutting in any corner of the field is considered unsuitable. To minimize adverse effects, a wall should be constructed to provide a square or rectangular pattern to the field. Otherwise, it will affect the people living in the building.

Extensions in the plot

A piece of land that extends naturally to the northeast is very successful. It brings health and prosperity. The addition is not good in any way. Avoid making additions to the south, west, south-west, south-east, or north-west of your property.

Vastu remedies for correction of defective plots

  • Different Vastu defects on plots can be corrected by using different methods.
  • By dividing the field into two parts, where the opposite side of the road becomes a separate field.
  • A separate fence should be built for both groups.
  •  A shadow of the temple should not fall on the roof but is suitable for the north-east side ,gardens and other objects can be built to ward off adverse effects of the field from the unfamiliar side.


Vastu Shastra may seem unscientific but a misconception. In contrast, all of Vastu’s statements are rooted in science and have a reasonable basis. These Vastu tips for buying a plot will help for a happy life ahead.

So, before you buy a plot in Bangalore, keep these things in mind what should be avoided and what to consider By following the principles of Vastu, and visiting Bsnl housing society they will assist you and provide you a better option,  you are likely to avoid accidents and mishaps, So, keep this Vastu in mind it brings happiness to your home.

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