Types of Plots and Housing Plots in India

Types of Plots and Housing Plots in India

What is a plot and types of plots?

A piece of land is a foundational piece of land that you or your family collect or inherit. Or a property which you owe, you can choose to build your own home or business space or whatever you want to do, but for that, you have to be a certified owner. There are 4 types of plots in India and some plots have subdivision plots also. Bsnl housing society helps you with this article A piece of Land gives you happiness which you choose to live which you choose to enjoy life so before buying it learn types of plots and housing plots in India. Types of plots give you an option where you can buy a plot according to your work if you want to build an office so you have to buy a commercials plots for a home there is other more option.

Residential plots

This is vacant land, used for residential purposes. Of all the types of land, these types of land are the most sought after, because they are used for one of the most important aspects of human life, the shelter. These lands should definitely be close to any kind of place, town, or rural area. There should be a provision for nearby centers. There are a lot of divisions in buildings.

  • Individual plots

Such land is created for individual housing. These types of land can accommodate a single family of different sizes. These plots of land are usually subdivided into sections of equal plots to form identical buildings. But the plots give you the freedom to build according to your budget and design Bsnl Housing society will assist you to have your own land.

  • Apartment/flat

Spread over a large area, these types of land can accommodate a large number of people, while reducing the space required. Individuals live in apartments of varying sizes, catering to a varying number of people.

These types of land, with large nuclear buildings built on them, may not be suitable for the Indian community. However, it is one of the most popular requests and purchased by the Government due to the growing demand for rented and rented housing.

  • Builder floor apartments

With medium square land types, the option to build houses on the upper floors for construction has become very popular. The building block allows you to own an entire floor of a small house, with more freedom than complex buildings, public buildings, and lower maintenance costs than individual buildings. The size of the land is more than just living space, but it is not comparable to the types of land in the apartment. However, construction companies come with their share of disadvantages. One of the main uses of the buildings is that there is no maintenance staff and there is no access to swimming pools, private gardens, and other facilities.

  • Villas and bungalows

Such land is usually not very close to other lands. They are well-publicized on an important level, even if they are usually not as large as apartments or societies. Houses built on these plots are also relatively modest. Such land is suitable for expensive housing. These apartments are very high maintenance and come with everything up to date. For many homeowners, this is the dream of becoming self–reliant. keep reading types of plots and housing plots in India.

Industrial plots

In addition to buildings, factories are also very important. Businesses are the driving force behind economic growth. Commercial buildings are smaller in size than buildings or agricultural land, but these types of land are used for the industry as the limit of the economy.

An industrial field acts as a collective land suitable for many industries to be grouped together in one place, using the same resources and operating according to the same laws of nature. owned. Such land is far away from urban settlements.

Agricultural plots

Agricultural land is one of the largest types of land in India. With an agricultural economy and fertile land fed by rivers, India’s agricultural resources are in high demand in rural areas. Almost 60% of rural households depend on agriculture for their livelihood. These types of land are more common in India.

Commercial plots

In the urban area, commercial land is not much different in appearance from residential land; it is only the purpose of the land that distinguishes it from the housing sector. Such land is usually purchased by a company Like Wipro ,Infosys, Accenture and the area is very large, similar in complexity. These types of land are home to many shops and multi-functional buildings, such as offices, restaurants, shops, stores, hospitals, cinemas, and so on. I hope this article will help you to know the type of plots or where you have to invest first set your aim what you have to build than buy land and go ahead with your dream.

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