Tips to give monsoon makeover to your HOME

Tips to give monsoon makeover to your HOME

Happy to welcome the rainy season with all the fun

You are not alone! Bsnl Housing Society is here for you. Before you go to enjoy the rain, it’s time to get your house ready for the rain. Take a look at these amazing ideas to give your home a perfect rain look. After hot and sunny days, the rainy season is a relief for all of us. After all, this season frees us from the heat of the sun and the cold rains and winds all around. Also, this is the time to light up your house. Here are Tips to give monsoon makeover to your home.

Replace Your Home items

While we love the rain, we can’t deny that it brings emptiness, flies, and flies with it. In addition, due to the lack of sunlight, furniture, and corner walls can also absorb moisture. As a result, it leads to the accumulation of stains and bacteria on the furniture as well as on the walls. To avoid the king, you need to make sure your furniture is away from the wall.

As a natural remedy, use camphor balls and cloves under infections and around the house to reduce moisture. If necessary, prevent pests in your home before they become infected. To keep your house free, clean your house and reduce your furniture before it starts to rain.

Choose Bright Colors

In cases of heavy rain, just sitting at home and doing nothing makes you feel uncomfortable. So, brighten your mood by changing the colors of your insides

Rhetorically speaking, bright colors brighten your mood and bring a lot of happiness. So, use pops of bright colors to highlight certain corners of your home. If painting the house seems difficult, you can use colorful pillows or throw in colorful rugs to save your space.

Fun colors you can try this rainy season. Orange and Yellow – Create a vibrant environment and Mint and Green – Warms and calms the soul.

Keep Dirt outside the Rooms

Along with fun and love, the rain also brings wet umbrellas, wet raincoats, and dirty shoes. You don’t want to bring all this dirt into your clean and beautiful home. This is how you stop.

Door Mat

Be sure to put a heavy mat on your door that is made of jute, rubber, or mulch to keep the dirt out. Everyone in your family along with your beautiful guests can rub off their shoes before they enter the house. To add a touch of welcome to your entry, plant colorful signs and welcome letters on it. This way, you protect the floor in your home and avoid dirt, germs, and dirt.

Light Up the Corners and use Fragrance

Use floor or ceiling lights and LED lights to illuminate the room. You can also hang a simple headlight on a window to quickly increase your space.

Scented candles can magically enrich your senses with their sweet and savory scent. On dark paths with little sunlight, create a warm and cozy atmosphere with decorative scented candles. That way, you can also take care of the smell of rain and moisture.


Do you want to feel loved, happy, and refreshed in the rainy season? Try adding music with the sound of rain to make your mood more comfortable. Add decorative breeze pictures to make you feel better when the cool breeze is there. Listening to music is one of the best Tips to give monsoon makeover to your home.

Garden Furniture

Reserve furniture such as a hammock or bamboo chair to sit on and enjoy a refreshed environment. Decorate the outdoor space with colorful plants, hanging pots, and windbreaks.

Change the furniture

The rainy season is the best time to change the furniture of your home. Replace heavy curtains with clean curtains and enjoy the exterior view through clean curtains. Use fringe curtains to brighten the sun and brighten up your home. With the help of this article, you will get to know the best Tips to give monsoon makeover to your home.

Umbrella Stand

Umbrellas can leave waterways near the door as well as on the other side of the house when someone enters with a wet umbrella. So, be sure to provide a corner for an umbrella. In addition, you can use this corner in a way that suits the decor of your living room or your entrance. You can also use bamboo baskets or large bottles to hold umbrellas. To practice, you can add hooks on top to hang raincoats as well.

Artistic Decor

Staying home all day when it comes to dusty clouds and heavy rain outside can be frustrating at times. Now, it’s time to be creative and use this time to improve the decor of your home. This is how you get started.

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