factors to consider before buying a plot in Devanahalli

7 important factors to consider before buying a plot in Devanahalli

Today, Real Estate Market is giving investors and property buyers many options because of the availability of these choices Customers are getting confused and they get swayed away with overwhelming communication by various builders and brands.  To help the customers, these are the seven factors to consider before buying a plot in Devanahalli.

Seven factors to consider before buying a plot in Devanahalli:

  1. Location:

Location is an important feature that you should keep in mind before investing in a residential property in Bangalore. The location gives the plot its nominal value and depends on the environment. The development of the infrastructure of the place determines the value of the plot. Make sure the plots are in well-developed areas closer to education centers, multi-specialty hospitals, entertainment centers, etc.

  1. The real value of the land:

Do not be tempted by the prices of cheap lots and go blindly to buy a lot by looking at the accessible price. Research the land and its owner before getting your hands on the project. The value of the plot is based on the location and the infrastructure of the region. Be sure to buy your land from a reputable builder who has a clean history and is in the good books of the real estate market. A well-recognized builder will have excellent plots in an ideal location with excellent infrastructure. Convenience, availability, location, cost, and potential return on investment are other considerations that depend on the manufacturer. The owners of the property check the value of the land and charge the buyer accordingly. Make sure you are negotiating properly and have researched the market enough to know the value of the land.

  1. Land Size:

The next important feature is the size of the plot you are going to buy. If you saw an ad and then decided to buy a lot, be sure to visit the site. Make sure the seller determines the size of the area to avoid legal disputes. Find the right size of land where you want to build your dream home.

  1. Manufacturer Identification Information:

Buying land from a reputable builder will go a long way. You may have often seen people struggle because their plans are subject to lawsuits and other legal issues. To avoid all this, it is always better to buy your land from a trusted builder as they have a history of credibility and reliability. In Bangalore, the BSNL Housing Society is one of the most trusted and reputable developers in the real estate market. They put customer satisfaction first and establish a relationship of trust with their customers.

  1. Mortgages:

If you are buying land for investment purposes only and do not currently intend to build your home, investing in land is the best option. Banks and other financial institutions provide loans, offered only for the purchase of the land. Financial institutions and banks provide loans for the purchase of land. These institutions stipulate that when you buy land, whether, for a home or commercial purposes, it must be owned by a development agency and is legally safe land.

  1. Certificate of Commitment

Make sure you are insured by checking whether the country is subject to legal disputes. Make sure the plot you want to buy has a certificate of objection. This certificate is obtained from the sub-registry office and guarantees that the land deeds are registered. If you want to invest in land, for the mortgage, y thou need to check that the bank has legally agreed to give a loan for this land. So be sure to inspect all the legality of the plot.

  1. Local Authority Approvals:

Before buying the land, make sure it has approval from local authorities like BBMP and City Development Corporation. In Bangalore, the main authorities are the BBMP and the BDA. You must obtain the necessary documents to verify and ensure that the land is not in dispute and verify this with your lawyer. Make sure that the building permit and building sanction have been obtained from the City Development Corporation.


Land investment is always good. But always keep an eye on the above factors to consider before buying a plot in Devanahalli, Bangalore.


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