Questions to ask a builder before buying a property

Questions to ask a builder before buying a property

Buying property in Bangalore can be challenging and confusing. Therefore, walk carefully to avoid getting involved in fraudulent scams or fraudulent trades. Buying a piece of land is a big expense where you may risk all your expenses with the expectation of a long-term return. Unfortunately, many home buyers or real estate buyers face the frustration that the lack of proper discussion with the builder causes bankruptcy after the land is sold. Before buying, talk to your builder. At the time of buying land in Bangalore visit our site bsnl housing society.

Because, as a buyer, you are investing in a field, So you have to put some questions in front of the developer and expect satisfactory answers in return. So here are some questions to ask a builder before buying a property.

Can you show me your past work?

Having a reliable record of successful work is an important goal that you should not forget. After all, the trustworthiness of the builder is very important in financing buildings. So, ask for a confirmation of their previous projects. Carefully monitor their contributions and visit these projects, if possible.

You can also go ahead and talk to their first-time customers to find out about their experience. This way, you will have the assurance that you are investing in a trustworthy business.

Ask if they are insured and if they have a license

The legal hassle can be overwhelming for you, especially if you’re investing in projects under construction. Fortunately, you can avoid losing money mid-construction by doing your due diligence. To do so, verify the manufacturer’s license and property insurance.

 What are the additional charges?

Often, people tend to overlook the small details that make up the total cost. So, start by being clear about the actual cost of the building. Also, make sure the manufacturer has calculated based on carpet area and not built-up area. Your fees can vary greatly because of it. This article will help at the time of buying land read these questions to ask a builder before buying a property, so take a step after reading this.

When will the property be delivered?

If you’re buying a property during construction, ask the builder for the exact date or approximate time you owned your newly built home. If possible, get it in writing so it’s more binding on the manufacturer.

What quality materials are you using?

Often builders can use low-cost materials to build buildings and reduce construction costs. However, it can endanger your life or the lives of the people who live there. would be. Be aware of the quality and type of material they will be using. If they invest in the best, it will be good for everyone.

How is the locality and the neighborhood?

Are you thinking about buying real estate in Bangalore? Or completely flat? In any case, learning about your surroundings and neighborhood is essential to living a good life. If you have a housing association or society, get a copy of the housing society’s rules and regulations.

Aside from neighborhood and community safety, you should also check for other goodies. So, check the transportation network, sanitation services, and proximity to good schools, colleges, and other important places. Through this exercise, you can have a high quality of life when you go for it. Plus, you’ll also get a higher ROI if you decide to sell in the future.

What about the warranty?

Because it is risky to invest in property, a warrant may be helpful for you. Thus, gain clarity over the fixed period and have a free future.

Will every agreed aspect be provided

If you’re buying from reputable or local people, sometimes, the plans can be simple. Often, they alter a lot of the building’s structure and cause future disruption. So, ask them if they will build as planned. Also, make sure you have all the good things like parking and games.

Is the property located in a good area?

Thorough research should be done before investing in real estate in Bangalore. Consider checking the floor plan, locality, and road accessibility. You can distinguish between a luxury property and a regular source. In addition to this, note the proximity to supermarkets, colleges, Office and IT companies retail outlets, and schools.

What is the property size?

Property development pricing is done by carpet area rather than by built-up area. So before investing in real estate in Bangalore, You should check if the developer has priced the property according to the carpet area.


Hope these questions to ask a builder before buying a property will help you Although buying property is a wise choice, it can be a nightmare if you are not clear and concise. Mostly, it happens because of a lack of agreement between the builder and the seller. So, you need to ask the builder and explain even the smallest details of the property.


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