How To Increase The Rental Value Of Your Property

How To Increase The Rental Value Of Your Property

In India Renting is a major source of income for thousands of landowners. So this article will help you how to increase the rental value of your property. But often, due to low demand and high market competition, landlords are unable to attract suitable tenants to their properties. Another common problem faced by landlords is low rental rates. In worse cases, the cost of the lease can continue to decrease. Well, if you are facing such problems, then consider the fact that the way to increase the rental cost of a property is to qualify which attracts potential tenants. So Bsnl Housing Society will help you with this article.

This pandemic comes up with the desire to live in homes that offer different comforts. Today’s home converts it into office gym, schools try to make it multipurpose. In considering these lifestyle changes, and improvement of key areas in residential areas has increased. Previously, property studies were limited to important aspects such as the size and layout of the flat, which affect interest in amenities such as special kitchens, common bathrooms, and laundry rooms that are looking for tenants in an apartment building. Read below how to increase the rental value of your property.

1.Deep cleaning

Window sills, floors, kitchenware, and bathroom tiles can appear unsightly in front of potential occupants. So, think of ways to get rid of it. Cleaning is the most important part of our life so you can call a professional cleaning service or you can do it yourself. Before you spend your time and energy on cleaning property, you need to have the right cleaning equipment and products to do the job well.

2.Some changes in your interior

An unsightly and unsatisfactory interior can evict potential occupants. Therefore, you need to improve by making a few changes. A new coat of wall paint can give a new look to the home. If you can’t afford to spend money on this, then use beautiful wallpaper, which is much cheaper. In addition, adding a few decorative elements to the home, such as a lamp, creative signs, shelves, and mirrors can be very helpful in increasing the price of the rent. The better you improve the better you can increase the value of rent.

3.Upgrade the outer appearance

Sometimes, we only focus too much on the inside and forget the fact that the outside of the house creates the first impression about it. Exterior maintenance is much cheaper than internal. All you have to do is paint the walls and doors. Also, if you have a lawn, opt for simple interior improvements, such as fencing trees and mowing the lawn.

4.Keep as green as you can

Sometimes greenery says a lot keep one area for planting and small gardening it will look so beautiful and tenants get more attracted to this. Flowers and small plants speak a lot so try to keep one area green of your home.

5.Advertise online

Today, online real estate portals have become the norm where landowners and potential tenants can find each other. You can’t underestimate the importance of putting high-quality images on property labels. Also, to attract top tenants, you need to write down a detailed description of the property. This will allow buyers to see their future in your property. Keep reading if you like this article on how to increase the rental value of your property.

6.Renew the rent agreement

No one can know better the true value of your property than your current tenants. So, try to give them an amazing experience in your home. Make sure it is comfortable and good things in the house. If tenants remain interested throughout the lease term, they may want to renew the agreement. Before renewing the lease, you must apply for an increase in the cost of the lease.

7.Locations play a vital role

Are you standing in a hot place, or not. But that doesn’t mean that even in the most secluded areas, you don’t need to rent without its amenities. Consider adding a list of nearby activities and places, and adding it to the list of information. Or think about what are the near spot for transportation, like rental scales and bike-sharing, which is close to your area. It may not be as far from the place as you think.


We indeed live in a golden age for landlords, but not all apartments are the same. Fortunately, with a few simple instructions, any listing can be compiled with modern standards that appeal to today’s residents, and probably won’t cost as much as you think. Remember the price you need should be commensurate with the benefits and advantages available to the tenant. Otherwise, charging an unreasonable price for your property will only attract tenants.

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