o decide before buying a plot or house.

How to decide before buying a plot or house

We often hear buyers ask …Should I buy a plot or a house?

Which is a better investment for me? there are so many questions people ask themselves when trying to invest in a home, each of us is at a different stage in our investment journey and come to a fork situation where it becomes challenging to decide before buying a plot or house. For some, it may be moving into the first home. For others, it could mean earning a living by investing. And finally, for some, it may be about leaving a legacy to their grandchildren, but the fact is, it all depends on your budget and location to decide before buying a plot or house.

Although ready-to-move homes or apartments seem like a simpler option for home buyers and investors, it’s not the best or smartest option in today’s real estate market.

Plots choice as a home for many reasons. The plots are ideal for those looking for long-term investments and people who like the idea of ​​building their homes as they wish.

In these rather difficult times, having an investment like land puts people at ease. Knowing that you have an asset that is destined to grow is like money in the bank. For any emergency, you know that a portion of land is a guarantee of peace of mind.

Factors to consider before buying a plot or house

Flexibility and Privacy

The apartments or houses are somewhat limited in the sense that they already have a well-defined structure. A project is decided well in advance by its promoter and its architect.

But, if you are interested in building a villa or bungalow, plots are a good option. You have the flexibility of building it to suit your unique needs and preferences.

Villa land offers a luxury that no other type of investment can offer. Confidentiality and freedom. Even the most luxurious homes cannot offer the level of privacy that a villa can offer.


Reliable builder gated communities are affordable and have plenty of facilities available too. A buyer can build a home of her choice and enjoy the privacy afforded by homes in these gated communities. Buyers can build a house whenever they want once, they have the land. The Plot is also easier to maintain and has a good resale value than houses.

Resale value

Land is a tangible asset and undoubtedly has greater potential for appreciation. The graphically represented value should appreciate as the building’s value depreciates over the years. Although to decide before buying a plot or house, the land is the best form of long-term investment. Plots also provide liquidity as the value of the land increases over time. Compared to plots, apartments appreciate more slowly due to building damage and general wear and tear. Unlike apartments, land in prime locations appreciates very quickly, as there is a strong demand from wealthy buyers, who prefer to build horizontal houses. Therefore, plots are an excellent option when it comes to the high resale value of your investment. When buying a plot, remember to take note of the surrounding neighborhood, infrastructure, and location.

Security and legality

To make sure your land is a gated community with a trusted developer. When closing the deal on your land, make sure there are no civil or criminal disputes associated with the land. With the flooring, the builder takes care of these issues on your behalf, so you are protected. To decide before buying a plot or house, apartment buyers must remain vigilant in verifying all documents of the sale.

Funds and tax advantages

A buyer can raise finance to buy a plot or land, but there are some conditions. You want to make sure your finances are in place before you consider investing. Getting a land loan is more difficult than financing your apartment. An empty plot of land offers the lowest tax benefits. But when you take out a mortgage on an apartment, you get a lot of benefits.

You can only get a loan for buying a residential plot if the land has been approved by the local authority. In the case of a home loan, a buyer can get nearly 80-85% funding. Moreover, the maximum loan tenure for a land loan is 15 years, but, for a home loan, it can even go up to 30 years.

So, when one face a dilemma to choose between a plot and a flat. Both have their benefits and limitations, so it becomes important to analyze one’s own goals for the future returns with these before investing. Some of the reliable developers Like BSNL Hosing Society have an attractive offer for plots near International Airport at Devanahalli, Bangalore.




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