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Furniture makes a house feel like home, but at the same time, furniture should be built with the user in mind. It is easy to transform any room into a functional space with furniture, you just need to know the right ways how to choose the right furniture for your home. Someone must be consistent with the furniture he builds or buys with a particular space in mind. If we were to place it in living spaces, the furniture brings that much-needed warmth and even a sense of coziness when describing the style and aesthetics of the home. Here are some tips and advice on how to choose the right furniture for your home – CUSTOM VERSUS MODULAR.

Custom furniture versus modular furniture

The first step in converting an apartment building into a home is to determine the type of furniture you want to build in the space.

We (BSNL Housing Society) believe that the great migrations and the culture of “living by suitcase”, the traditional processing of furniture has taken a secondary place in many urban homes, giving prominence to modular furniture.

Furniture can generally be divided into two types, custom-made furniture, and modular furniture. While customized furniture usually follows conventional methods that require skilled workers and raw materials that are transformed into functional pieces. On the other hand, modular furniture is factory-made and mass-produced furniture designed to suit the interests of a larger group of people.

User-specific design and general design

According to experts, investing in customized furniture allows the user to refine the functional aspect of the furniture that best suits their needs. In general, furniture design follows ergonomic standards, Therefore, this gives users the freedom to redefine their standards based on their likings and preferences. The designed furniture is precisely cut and follows certain standards in terms of dimensions which can be considered generic for a wider audience. When it comes to customization where the material and colors can be chosen personally, modular furniture has limits in terms of size and color.

Quality control and Mass production

The real difference here is that customized furniture has an eye for accuracy in product quality. In addition to using certified and high-quality raw materials, its production can be followed closely. “Custom-made pieces tend to follow the traditional furniture making process, which helps determine the time taken by the craftsman. There is a big difference between a Custom-made piece and mass production. Mass-produced items tend to utilize less time because it is very likely that the materials that go into production are sometimes not monitored and receive less attention as they are produced on a larger scale.

Adaptability to any space vs rigid structure

Custom furniture can be designed according to the surrounding space. “If I were to give you an example, the length of a wardrobe can be decided by the space available in the bedroom. In turn, modular cabinets are available in standard sizes such as 6′, 8′, etc. may not be suitable for available space. These conditions are taken into account when making a custom piece on site. In conclusion, modular cabinets are delivered in a predetermined pattern that may or may not suit each buyer’s preferences. A traditional Chair may not meet the needs of your WFH and could cause chronic back pain in the long run.

Value for money versus pocket

Custom-made furniture is considered from an investment perspective as it is heavier on the pockets than modular furniture. One of the reasons for the same is the effort and work required to make the furniture tailored to your specifications. It also involves a lot of reverse services, such as transportation, raw materials, production from scratch of skilled labor. These determinants influence the cost of production since multiple agencies are involved. On the other hand, modular furniture is mass-produced and consumed by a large part of society that has no intention of investing in custom-made products. Factories that produce modular furniture buy raw materials in bulk at a much lower cost, so the final product ends up being cheaper than a custom product.

Environmental Consciousness

It is always of paramount importance to give priority to the environment. When it comes to furniture manufacturing, it is important to be aware of the factors that can cause effects on the natural environment. When it comes to custom-made furniture, you can control material waste and directly control the production, use, and origin of raw materials, whether they are environmentally safe or not. This also applies to the place where the furniture is made, if it poses a risk to the health and well-being of the workers who come and go every day, along with the disposal of the waste generated. Industrial waste is generated on a large scale, affecting not only the atmosphere but also the well-being of all living organisms.


Based on user experience, custom furniture is said to last longer than modular furniture. The fact that meticulous factors such as general carpentry rules, good quality raw materials, and craftsmanship are scrutinized compared to machine-made furniture makes custom furniture much more durable and user-friendly.

Summarizing the above points, both types, custom and modular, have their pros and cons. With this in mind, you as the end-user need to consider the factors that fit your specifications. If you are building a long-term home, it is advisable to choose custom furniture or if you are a frequent traveler, modular furniture may be more profitable for you.

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