One of the Secure investment options in Real Estate

BSNL Housing Society, one of the Secure investment options in Real Estate

How can you secure your investment in real estate

As the Real Estate Industry is booming over the last few decades, and the ROI is high, every common man thinks to buy a flat or plot to have a secure investment or wealth management option. We all have the main concern of having an investment done in real estate, which is one of the Secure investment options in Real Estate for secure returns or risk-free investment. Before actual investment, there is a common concern that is the choice of a property developer or builder.

Having a huge list of renowned developers and builder’s groups requires detailed knowledge and information about the right choice for selecting a genuine property development agency or group. The concept the real estate investment is as varied as the realty industry itself. A lot of research is needed to decide the best investment avenues and one of the Secure investment options in Real Estate. It is one of the most risk-averse investment options available to investors that offers great returns

The process involving the purchase of commercial and residential properties and related assets to gain substantial monetary returns demands a deep understanding of one of the Secure investment options in the Real Estate market. There could be tangible and non-tangible forms of real estate investments.

Tangible Assets: Immovable assets such as homes, offices, commercial spaces, factories, industrial sheds, and land can be classified as tangible properties. These can be felt by touch. These assets are highly valuable and involve lots of documentation to own. However, the returns are in the form of rental or leased income.

Intangible Assets: These assets are categorized into real estate stocks and REITs (real estate investment trusts). One need not buy a property to own these assets. These are easy to purchase and cost less when compared to tangible real estate

Major Benefits of Investing in Real Estate

Investment in real estate is popular amongst all the classes because of the following benefits:

  1. Investment in properties generates a substantial return on investment in the form of rental income. The ROI percentage is much higher than other avenues such as bank deposits and mutual funds or stocks,
  2. Purchase of real estate, be it for residential or investment purposes is a method of securing one’s family’s future. These are immovable assets and hence can be passed on to future generations.
  3. A property purchased as an investment can also be resold to a suitable buyer to take advantage of appreciation.
  4. Owning Real Estate Stocks and REITs adds a variety to one’s investment portfolio. This is simply because the real estate industry is an ever-growing industry, and it pays rich dividends to invest in it.
  5. On the outskirts of Bangalore, Devanahalli is now the new hub of residential and commercial property development
  6. One of the Renowned and reliable Real Estate names is BSNL Housing Society.
  7. Investing with BSNL Housing Society is one of the Secure investment options in Real Estate, with BSNL Projects your investment is safe and in secure hands. If the desirable plot/land option was not available for you, the refund of the base money is assured. The BSNL EMPLOYEES AND CITIZEN HOUSE BUILDING CO-OPERATIVE SOCIETY LTD is a registered and reputed cooperative institution that is formed to provide housing plots.
  8. Proximity to essentials like hospitals, schools, and workplace/educational institutions and a property that is thriving with top-notch amenities, and world-class facilities. These are major factors good for a healthy lifestyle or your overall well-being. Well, obviously having modern conveniences is needed.
  9. One of the Secure investment options in Real Estate along with connectivity and commercial growth, Devanahalli enjoys a growing presence of restaurants, hotels, entertainment centers, banks, hospitals, shopping outlets, and other social lifestyle conveniences.

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