Artifacts and decorative items for your new home

Artifacts and decorative items for your new home

We often decorate our homes with flowers, wall paintings, flowerpots, glassware, beautiful wooden items, ribbons, and balloons on special occasions like birthdays. On Diwali, we use Artifacts and decorative items like fancy lights, candles, terracotta diyas, rangoli, etc. to decorate our homes.

Interior decorating is the art of decorating with artifacts and decorative items for your new home,  or business according to personal preferences and styles. This includes a selection of colour schemes, flooring materials, furniture, artwork, and accessories. Converting an area into an aesthetically pleasing and affordable design is an art. We use accessories that include items such as curtains, sofa sets, pillows, tablecloths, decorative crafts, decorative wrought iron, etc. These items are commonly used in furniture and interior design and can include fabric items, paintings, and plants.

When decorating your new home, you may reach a point where you ask yourself “what else can I use?” There are photos you want to see, and you have more candles than your local store, so what other items or home decorations can you use to decorate your home to make it feel like home? We at BSNL Housing Society,  is listing down the following items that may help you design your new home.

1. Wall prints

When we are decorating, we often focus on what is on the floor and neglect our walls. A wide range of affordable wall art is now in the market. You can get a large-scale piece that looks great without breaking the bank. You can buy from online stores also that are affordable and time-saving.

2. Clocks

A wall clock can be a nice decorative element, even though today we have the time on almost every device! Find one that suits your interior style, be it coastal, industrial, contemporary, or anything in between. If you are not sure what your style is, add any fun and free interior style timepiece.

3. Table lamps

We tend to argue about the importance of lighting and not just ceiling lamps to light our homes. Table and floor lamps emit softer light and reduce harsh shadows in our house and can be a real piece of furniture! Table lamps bring warmth and a soothing effect to the house.

4. Pillows

If you ask us a question, there is no better way to get value for money than to exchange your pillows. They are a great way to bring a new colour palette into the room or add more texture. Our advice, swap out the regular foam pillow inserts with feather inserts for a more luxurious and comfortable look. If you are using cushions and pillows filled the cottonwool, then get it restuffed in the new covers and get a fluffy and cozy feeling.

5. Candles

You know how obsessed people are with candles these days especially perfumed candles, so this one would need to be added. Candles add atmosphere to a home. Look for those made with soy wax and natural fragrances to avoid bringing toxins into your home.

6. Carpets

Area rugs have many uses in a home: they define zones, add warmth, and can soften hard floors. And when you wear one with bold colour or pattern, they can look like pieces of art for a room. Choosing a carpet or rug is not easy, it requires a clear understanding of the purpose and location of the place within a room.  You need to have clarity on the rug is going to be placed in high traffic areas like the living room or bedrooms, or it is going to be used for kids’ room or it can be placed for your pet’s sitting area.

7. Vase

Glass or ceramic, metal or concrete, the choice of vases in today’s market is not lacking! Depending on the size and style of your vase, they can look great as a single item (like a large vase filled with deadwood on a sideboard) or work in a beautiful, elegant arrangement.

8. Art

There is something so special about having a one-off original art or limited-edition art in our house. Knowing the meaning behind a piece or the artist adds to the unique story of our homes. Whether it is painting, sculpture, glassware, or anything else, we always recommend investing in art.

9. Books

Add to that family atmosphere and express your interests with books. They look great on a bookshelf, on the coffee table, on a nightstand, and just about any other surface you can think of. It also engages the visitor if there is a waiting period for the host to arrive.

10. Mirrors

Bounce the light or create a larger space illusion with a strategically placed mirror, you can use mirrors to attract the desired energy of abundance and calm also incorporate Feng Shui elements into your home.

The artifacts and items bring joy and attraction into your home so try adding the colourful items to your new home.


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