Amenities you must have to look when buying a property

Amenities you must have to look when buying a property

Amenities are an important part of the community in which you live, and they play an important role in improving your life. In addition to giving you greater comfort and usability, they also affect the quality and value of your property. To make your land search easier. Bsnl Housing Society put together a list of things. Keep reading below for amenities you must have to look when buying a property.


It is important to choose a property that provides the best connectivity It saves your time like looking for a train or metro bus is a sort of tension or stress so choose that location that gives you the best connectivity.

Safety and security

Most places have 24-hour gates to ensure the safety of their residents. Installing CCTV cameras around common areas and on streets overlooking your property is a good step. also to ensure maximum safety.

Power Supply & water supply

Many large cities face water shortages. However, a 24×7 water and electricity supply is a must-have for no interruption. . The power supply not only disrupts production but also seriously affects your mental health, this is the most important part of the society where you live check first the power back supply and water supply is good or not

Co-working spaces

With the covid pandemic every few months, and many companies like amazon and many more switching to work-from-home or mixed-use systems, having co-working opportunities that can be reached can be overwhelming. and additional benefits when working from home.

Green features

As we love to live in a green area, the green landscape contributes to a positive experience. Green space is good for people, they help us to take good, fresh and cleaner air and water, Today’s generation believes in the green landscape they all want to live with greenery, We all suffer from hectic life where greenery helps us to reduce the stress if it is about while doing exercise evening walk morning walk every person enjoys green landscape with music.


Clubhouses are the best place to interact with other residents and the way to private life. People enjoy the clubhouse because that is the only place where we can do anything we want like family functions or many more. Some well-maintained clubhouses have indoor games, restrooms, and an entertainment room.

Play area for children

Having safe and designated areas for children to play in helps with your child’s physical development. Participating in sports from an early age helps your child grow into a healthy adult. A play area away from cars ensures your child’s complete safety and the most important thing is to keep your child safe in the garden after leaving your child no need to worry.

Spaces for fitness & sports

Indoor and outdoor gyms offer a lot of fun. Indoor sports can include table tennis, squash, carom, and more. Outdoor sports can include opportunities to enjoy a good game of rugby, football tennis, and basketball. In addition, opportunities for other exercise activities, such as a well-equipped gym, yoga, cycling, and cycling can also be part of your professional organization to keep you fit and motivated.

Harvesting a rainwater

Water is a lifeline but unfortunately, many major cities are facing water shortages recently. Would be. Having rainwater can make your apartment more affordable, not only ensuring water is uninterrupted but also contributing a lot to replenishing water resources. These are all the amenities you must have to look when buying a property

Why do people demand amenities?

We did some research into why the demand for housing and space is increasing and came up with some interesting information and amenities you must have to look when buying a property.

Modern life is hectic. Work is one of the many causes of stress. It could be anything from driving to increasing pollution. Because of these problems, people seek shelter in a place that calms their minds and also has the appearance of alleviates their anxiety. Residential housing with good facilities and public space provides the ideal solution for this problem.

Amenities always help to reduce the stress

The growing anxiety about the busy work-life balance is leading to an increase in the demand for luxury housing and plots. Houses are also evolving with changing working conditions. Homes are more than just a place where jobs and disasters arrive. They have grown into a private haven where one can relax and at the same time enjoy in the best possible way. A residential plots include all the facility for all the age groups such as a Kid play area, swimming pool sporting facility a wide-open space for everyone.

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